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    Innovative, sustainable and durable Hay Drying Projects valorizing renewable energy empowering your farm!

    !We deliver solutions. Hay bale drying solutions. Always. Also in North America!

  • AgriCompact haydryers on American TV

    >> It all comes down to the cows <<

    WCAX, Channel 3 News, East Craftsbury, by Judy Simpson:


    (Click right here) "New facility makes hay while the sun doesn't shine"


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    What does gourmet award-winning cheese have to do with hay?

    A lot.

    Photo Credit:

    Jasper Hill Farm, Vermont, USA

  • AgriCompact haydryers on American Radio!


    Happy livestock - Happy farmers and cheesemakers! :-)

    Listen to the radio interview on Radio Heritage Network, Cutting the Curd, Episode 240, 09th Nov. 2015 - Animal Feed: Why does it matter?

    with artisan raw-milk cheesemaker Mateo Kehler where he explains his reasons for feeding dry hay

    and why choosing AgriCompact's hay bale drying technology!


    #AgriCompact Technologies #haydryers.com : Mateo Kehler - Owner Jasper Hill Farm, Vermont, USA, Radio Interview: Animal Feed: Why does it matter?

    Mateo Kehler,

    Owner at Jasper Hill Farm, Greensboro. Vermont, USA:


    "So for us feeding dry hay is really about ensuring that we have safe, delicious milk with the right kind of mix of microbes that can contribute to the kinds of qualities we want to see in our cheeses."


    "We're able to control quality in a way that we'd never been able to and we can also manage our cost as well. The feed that we put up this past summer - the rainiest summer we have seen in a long time - is the most beautiful hay we have ever seen..and I guess my point is that to some extent you can't pay for the kind of feed that we are producing now.




    Photo: (left) Mateo Kehler with (right) and Andy Calderwood.

  • Our Motto: "Have a good Hay!" :-)

    Listen to Mr. Andy Kehler, farmstead award-winning cheesemakers and dairy farmers, Owner at Jasper Hill Farm/Cellars at Jasper Hill, Greensboro, VT, USA is l

    Happy livestock = TOP milk = TOP cheese = Happy farmers!

  • Our Inaugural Hay Dryer, COMPACT in North America -

    Listen to award-winning farmstead cheesemakers in Vermont, USA, Partner at Jasper Hill Farm, VT , USA, Mr. James Coe (2015)

    Our Inaugural #Hay #Dryer #COMPACT in the #USA ! Photo Credit: Jasper Hill Farm, http://www.jasperhillfarm.com/eureka/
    With #AgriCompact´s #Hay #Dryer, #COMPACT: No more silage but TOP Quality #Hay!
  • "The road to Quality is the only road to follow -

    this is the one we started 49 years ago!"

    (Marco Tonelli, Technical Director,

    AgriCompact Technologies GmbH, Germany)

    Phase 1: You can rely on AgriCompact´s professional advice commencing with the right field equipment and the work process on the fields

    This video shows the baling of round bales of alfalfa hay

    We will be at your side guiding you through the entire process from field work to hay drying with our Hay Dryer, COMPACT!

    Phase 2: How to work with our Hay Dryer, COMPACT

    This video shows the loading of round alfalfa hay bales into our Hay Dryer, COMPACT

    Staff formation is paramount for AgriCompact when it comes to professional hay drying with our Hay Dryer, COMPACT !

    Happy Livestock = Happy Farmers!

    Dairy Cows at Andersonville Farm, VT, USA gobbling up rhe TOP Quality hay dried with AgriCompact´s Hay Dryer, COMPACT!

    Vermont´s first cut safe´n´dry! And the cows love it! (June 2015)

    #cheese #cheesemakers  - Jasper Hill Farm, an award-winning raw-milk cheesemaker decided to dry their hay with our #Hay #Dryer, #COMPACT! The result is extraordinary in milk quantity and milk quality and therefore  in cheese quality,  in their dairy cows´ health and well-being, in ROI and many more.

    TOP Quality Hay = TOP Livestock = TOP Milk =

    TOP Cheese!

    All starts with nutrition!

    "A Taste of Place" - award-winnning raw milk cheesemakers Jasper Hill Farm, VT, USA


    Click on the photo and watch the video to learn more...

    AgriCompact Technologies GmbH - Marco Tonellii with American customer and award-winning cheesemaker Mateo Kehler from Vermont, USA

    Photo: Jasper Hill Farm, Mateo Kehler (left) with AgriCompact Technologies GmbH, Marco Tonelli (right)

  • AgriCompact Technologies GmbH: Company Presentation

    Have a good Hay! :-)

    AgriCompact Technologies GmbH


    >> August 2016 - Video by Gabriele & Marco Tonelli >>

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    Sabine Zastrow & Marco Tonelli

    AgriCompact Technologies GmbH

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